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Meet the Enoughers!

The Enoughers have been meeting once a week on Zoom since mid-2016. We hail from across the USA and in Argentina. Emerging from our deepening practice and commitment are a guidebook, journal, deck of cards and numerous workshops and presentations. Just as importantly, we tend a transformational field of Enoughness for one another and for the world. 

     About Laurie, Author of Enough!

My mission is to help people to

reclaim their enoughness and

to co-create the New Story

in which there is

enough for ourselves,

enough for our communities

and enough for Earth.  

Laurie McCammon is an author and blogger who covers topics such as the divine feminine, indigenous wisdom, conscious empowerment, evolutionary biology and heart-led leadership.

She received the Enough Message as a "divine download" in 2011, spending three years decoding it. Her new book, Enough! How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word was published by Conari Press April, 2016.

Laurie loves working with groups of conscious individuals to debunk the myth of scarcity and to move into a freer Enough mindset which supports creativity, connection, happiness and abundance. In these sessions, she shares what she has learned from new science, systems theory, spirituality, indigenous wisdom, feminine leadership, social movements and new economics. She has received rave reviews for her series, The Transformational Power of Enough, a six week telecircle offered through the nonprofit volunteer-led Gather the Women Global Matrix on the Zoom platform. Laurie is currently developing a collaborative workbook for Enough to co-benefit Gather the Women, part of her passion to "pay it forward and give back" to efforts that are moving our planetary culture forward in effective ways.

Laurie is happy to share the Enough Message as a presentation, circle, workshop or retreat. References and course outlines are available upon request.

After earning a B.A. in biology, Laurie went on to earn an M.S. in Adult Education, with a concentration on Transformational Learning and Feminine Leadership. In her twenties she presented at the Creative Problem Solving Institute and the International Conference on Volunteer Administration. Laurie briefly served as the editor and wrote scholarly articles for The International Journal of Volunteer Administration and her articles have been published online by Soulful Living Magazine, Inner Tapestry and Popular Resistance. After serving as the Training Director for a regional organization serving women and girls for seven years, she founded the Women's Institute of Maine, a circle-based women's organization, worked as adjunct faculty for the University of Southern Maine's Graduate School for Human Development and later served as Executive Director for two consciousness-raising organizations, including Imagine the Good Foundation which was co-founded with filmmaker Cheryl Gould, producer of The Heart to Lead documentary film featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard. Laurie has facilitated many circles and workshops over the years and presented the Enough Message at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in 2013 and 2014.

Laurie lives on the coast of Maine, USA with her husband, Joe.

Laurie McCammon, MS

Media Contact

Eryn Carter, Marketing Associate

Red Wheel/Weiser • Conari Press 978-225-2930 (Direct) F: 978-465-0504

About the Imprint

Conari Press is an imprint of Red Wheel/ Weiser and publishes non-fiction books that range in topics from spirituality, personal growth, and relationships to women’s issues, parenting and social issues. Our mission is to publish books to live by and that will make a difference in people’s lives. Our bestselling titles include The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo, The Food Revolution by John Robbins, Attitudes of Gratitude by Mary Jane Ryan, and Random Acts of Kindness.

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