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Book Synopsis:

In the cultural story in which we live, we are told that we are never enough. We think we must repeatedly alter or improve ourselves in order to be deserving of the happiness, acceptance, security, and meaning we desire. We are told we are not enough to make a difference in the mounting economic, political, social, and environmental crises of our times. But what if all of these messages are wrong? What if most of the suffering we experience—low self-esteem, self-doubt, depression, anxiety, addiction, fear, and stress—aren’t an indication of personal deficit, but are direct symptoms of a set of cultural norms that cause us to orient toward lack while systematically ignoring opportunities for abundance and well-being for ourselves and the planet?

Enough! offers a solution to our broken paradigm and our broken psyches and shows readers how to root out this never-enough story and develop a sense of “enoughness” that leads organically to solutions to problems from the personal to the local to the geopolitical.

From these words “I am enough. I have enough. We are enough. We have enough. Enough!,” author Laurie McCammon shows that a more positive and collectively abundant future is inevitable.

Enough! is a book for activists, spiritual seekers, social innovators and change agents who feel personally called to birth a New Story for themselves, humanity and the planet. 

Enough is an exceptional book well worth reading. Its messages are life changing because they create AHA moments that shift perspectives and create a sense of resiliency that will be necessary as we attempt to deal with the many changes in our world - a world (more)

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