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Now enrolling for mid-fall of 2016 and mid-winter of 2017 sessions:

"The Transformative Power of Enough" 6-Week TeleCircle

In this course, you will...

  • Liberate yourself from the myth that you are not enough.
  • Identify, understand and release yourself from what has held you back from feeling empowered and self-confident enough to go after your dreams.
  • Learn the origin of the "Never Enough" Myth, how it has affected you personally, and how we can know for sure that this story is already giving way to a much better story for the world right now.
  • Learn the one simple thing you can start doing right now to greatly improve your emotional and spiritual well-being and accelerate your consciousness.
  • Attract and cultivate a community as committed as you to accelerating and nurturing personal and planetary transformation.

Also, you will learn:

  • How to make yourself virtually immune to the stress-and-fear-producing effects of the main stream story so you can live a bolder and more joy-filled life now.
  • How to get off the hamster wheel that's about striving, yearning and acquiring more stuff to fill an inner void of "I am not enough," to instead create a sustainable and deeply satisfying, meaningful and purposeful life where you have enough of all you really want and need.
  • How to recognize and resist drama and dysfunctional relationship patterns, and attract and maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • How to be more effective, productive, self-actualized and sought-after professionally and in the workplace
  • The secret that many leading edge scientists and inventors know for where to tap into greater creativity, genius and synergy


“Laurie McCammon is a deeply wise and insightful human being and Enough is a profoundly important book. Laurie delivers her message in a way that breaks through old cultural conditioning, and taps into the innate wisdom in each of us and does so in a way that is both complex and simple. The Enough Message shows a pathway to a new way of Being that holds so much promise for a happier and healthier life.”

~ Cheryl Gould, Film Producer and Director, The Heart to Lead

“I have lived 68 years struggling with Never Enough with brief glimpses of my own Enoughness. Being reintroduced to Enough through Laurie's extensive research and life experiences has opened my eyes and my heart. Laurie has an enviable grasp of the Enough concept. She is living it, and she is able to present it in such a clear way that I want to say “Well, of COURSE! Yes, I am Enough!" Thanks, Laurie, for reminding me. "

~ Donna Ahlstrand, a Convener of Gather the Women Global Matrix

When you enroll in our teleclass you will receive:

Six, intimate and LIVE 1 1/2 hour weekly telecircle sessions, held on Zoom (VoIP) where you become an active participant and can see and hear all other participants.

Laurie’s groundbreaking book, Enough! How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word

Enough! Companion Guidebook, full of journaling prompts, exercises and activities to deepen your Enough journey

Laurie’s on-demand six-part video series, The Transformative Power of Enough by permanent link.

A course completion certificate and Book Circle Facilitator Guide that qualify you to convene Enough book clubs in your local community.

(Optional) Students of this course are qualified to earn affiliate rewards on all course referrals they make and on sales of Enough products made through (details coming soon!)

Plus all of these extras:

Mp3 recordings of your telecircles so you don’t miss a thing even if you can’t call into every live session

Enough! Mini Companion Guidebook (pdf via download link)

"You Are Enough" music and meditation video (via link)

Membership to a private Enoughers Facebook group for sharing and networking beyond class and to continue long after the course is done.

Weekly emails during the course period with suggested exercises and discussion questions to deepen and ground your experience.

“Afterglow” reflections from your facilitator via email, summarizing and deepening group discussion insights and themes after each course session.

Advanced notification of new offerings, facilitator trainings and job postings within the Enougher community.

10% discount code for all future purchases of products and services from

New information and stories that are not in the book

Our risk-free money-back guarantee:

If by the end of the course you do not experience significant change in how you perceive yourself and the world, and if you do not see significant improvements to your ability to take initiative, to trust yourself, to access inner wisdom, to be more emotionally resilient, to engage your passion, to attract positive, supportive relationships and resources, and to confront self-defeating patterns in your life, we will refund the full price of the course, less the list price of the book and guidebook ($48.95), which are yours to keep along with all the other course materials.

What makes our classes truly cutting edge:

Laurie believes that the wisdom to create a better world resides in moving beyond the expert model, to nurturing conscious co-creative community.

Unleashing creative genius through the process of circle is critical to the evolution of consciousness and to the creation of a just, equitable and

abundant world. Enougher circles utilize Circle Principles as outlined on the Gather the Women Global Matrix Website (read the principles here.)

From experience, we know that this format produces optimal conditions for personal growth, breakthrough genius and healthy, lasting, mutually-

supportive friendships to emerge. Light facilitation is offered to model circle principles and to ensure safety, balance and focus, but the magic and

genius happen through the generative process itself, in which individuals share their own life wisdom and experience. We believe this kind of learning

community is the way of the future, accelerating the transformational shift, and are proud to be living it right now through all of our offerings.


Tuition for the Transformative Power of Enough Telecircle Course is $499 per person.

A payment plan is available for any of our course and/or coaching offerings at no extra charge when using a credit card. (broken into four automatic monthly payments) To enroll in our four payment plan, do not purchase at our e-commerce link. Instead, send us an email at Include your name and the name and start date of the course or package you are requesting and we will contact you with a payment plan enrollment form.

Bring a friend to the live course and receive $25 off your own tuition, ($50 off if you bring two friends, and so on.) You pay the regular price up front and once your friends enroll, just let us know and we will issue you a check after their enrollments are complete.

Tuition for the Self-Guided Option (without live class and support) is $114. (No payment plan is available for this option.) 

Self-Study Option (and a special offer):

Do you prefer to learn on your own and at your own pace? You can get access to Laurie’s on-demand video teaching modules without joining a live circle group. With this option, you will receive:

Permanent on-demand link to Laurie’s six-part video series, The Transformative Power of Enough

An autographed copy of Laurie’s book, Enough! How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word

Enough! Companion Guidebook with exercises and journaling questions to do on your own at your own pace

"You Are Enough!" music and meditation video (via link)

We are so confident that you will eventually want the positive energy, companionship and support offered by membership in an Enougher circle, that we offer with this package the ability to add a live course at a later date at 20% off the full tuition price. Included when you enroll in the live course are all the extras that come with regular tuition.

Free Offer:

We’d like to give you a taste of our groundbreaking offerings.

Receive session 1 of Laurie’s six-part video series and the mini companion guidebook as our free introductory gift.

These are yours to keep forever. If you like what we have to offer, you can sign up for the full class to receive all the amazing support and guidance

Laurie and the Enougher community are known for.

Sign up here to receive our free introductory offer or email us at

Coaching Services:

Did you ever wish you could have your own personal spiritual mentor and transformational coach?

Why Coaching?

Unplugging from the loud and pervasive paradigm of Never Enough is challenging at times. Having someone reinforce and model the Enough shift for

many people is a critical step in fully integrating these breakthrough teachings. Personalized coaching is ideal for those who want maximum benefit

and acceleration of the Transformational Power of Enough.

These sessions are entirely driven by your interests and needs, so we can work on whatever is most pressing and beneficial for you at the time –

work, relationships, spiritual growth, creative blocks, addiction, stress, life transitions. In our shame-and-blame-free coaching sessions, we offer a safe

space for self-exploration and risk-taking. You can expect deep and compassionate listening, help discovering and removing blocks to your self-

empowerment, recommended exercises and encouraging reinforcement of your enoughness. We can even help you to develop practical strategies

and plans to fully claim your “enough” life, and help you stick to them!

½ Off Personalized Coaching When You Add It Now (while supplies last)

If you purchase a coaching package at the same time you purchase the course, you will receive double the number of coaching hours for free. Browse our flexible coaching packages, one to fit any budget:

Option 1: Group Coaching – Monthly two hour session in small groups of 3-6 people, facilitated by one or more certified and experienced Enougher Facilitators hand-picked by Laurie. (Coach profiles coming soon.) All sessions will be conducted online via Zoom Conference Calling during a regular time each month.

Six hours (3 months) of group coaching is $149 (Purchase this now with our Transformative Power of Enough Course and receive an extra six hours, which is a total of 12 hours or six months of coaching .)

Laurie with "Enougher" Coaches, Jennifer McGinn Fox and Linda Hogan

Option 2: One-on-One On-Demand Coaching – In this package, you receive six hours of one-on-one coaching time that can be redeemed at any time over a 12 month period. After you purchase your coaching package, simply contact one of our coaches via our online scheduler to book your appointments. This option gives you the flexibility to access your coach when you need her the most. All sessions are private and you have the undivided attention of your coach.

You will receive six hours of on-demand one-on-one coaching from an Enougher Coach of your choice (browse facilitator profiles here.) All sessions will be conducted online via Zoom Video Conference Calling. A complimentary 20 minute “meet and greet” call is included to make sure you and your coach are a good match. You will then have the option of continuing with your coach or selecting another for your six hours of coaching.

Six hours of on-demand one-on-one coaching with a certified Enougher Coach is $449. (Sign up now with our Transformative Power of Enough Course and receive an extra six hours of one-on-one coaching, which is a total of 12 hours of coaching .)

Option 3: One-on-One On-Demand Coaching Package with Laurie McCammon – In this package, you receive six hours of one-on-one coaching that can be redeemed at any time over a 12 month period. After you purchase your coaching package, simply contact Laurie through her scheduler to make your appointments. This option gives you the flexibility to access Laurie when you need her the most. All sessions are private and you have Laurie’s undivided attention. All sessions will be conducted online via Zoom Video Conference Calling. You have the option of receiving a free recording of your sessions as well.

Laurie will only be taking on five personal coaching clients per 12 month period. Six hours of on-demand one-on-one coaching with Laurie is $1100 (billed in three equal installments.) (Sign up now with our Transformative Power of Enough Course and receive an extra six hours of coaching, which is a total of 12 hours of coaching for $1100.)

Coaching Payment Plans:

A three payment plan is available for Coaching Option 2 and 3 and a four payment plan for the combined class and coaching packages. If you would like to be billed in installments, do not purchase your coaching package at Instead, contact us at and we will send you a payment plan enrollment form.

Here's a sneak peek of our groundbreaking course content:



Laurie explains the origins of the "Never Enough" Myth and shares the evidence that humanity is the only species living according to this made-up ethic of scarcity and lack. She explains how "Never Enough" has been the root cause of all unnecessary suffering on Earth, including war, climate change, exploitation, poverty, depression, anxiety and violence. She shares why our conditioned ideas about scarcity cannot be solved simply by "fixing ourselves." While this means we are not individually to blame, humanity is now waking up and able for the first time is able to take action to break through the Never Enough illusion for good - an unprecedented opportunity in all of human history!



Laurie shows us how "we are the ones we've been waiting for" and gives us the tools to become resilient and immune to the cultural story of "I'm not enough, I'm not good enough. I don't have enough. There isn't enough." We expose cultural myths such as "you are what you do. You are what you own" and the Expert Trap. Using the methods of circle leadership, we begin sharing our authentic wisdom and gifts, experiencing first hand how enough we truly are for these times and for what we truly yearn to create and do!    



This week, we work on our relationship with the material world, how we relate to belongings and how we confuse authentic needs with conditioned wants. We discover how to choose freedom from outdated and deceptive cultural norms of wealth, success and beauty, instead embracing our inner gifts and supporting our passions to better serve ourselves, our dreams and the world.



Here, we explore the importance of moving from the "Never Enough" concepts of prejudice, self-protectionism and separation, and understand how our genius, power and joy are exponentialized by joining together to form a "we." We uncover all the ways in which we have been discouraged from collaborating and trusting, actually preventing us from being in our own power and mobilizing the mighty power of group alignment. We discover that individualism and group synergy are NOT mutually exclusive, but rather claiming our enoughness is the foundational step

to all group work.      



Here, we connect to the universal wave of Enough Consciousness sweeping our planet, noticing how it is arising through social movements, politics, science and spirituality all at once. We deepen into what it truly means to "think like an ecosystem" and look for clues in nature and science for how to create enough for all. We gain greater discernment about how mainstream culture promotes many projects that are actually rooted in a "Never Enough" ethic as "Enough" projects. We discover the four places where enough can be found and make a plan to incorporate these insights into our own plans for Enough abundance, action and co-creation. 



In this last week, we bid goodbye to the old paradigm of Never Enough, celebrate ourselves and truly claim the kind of life and world we want. We discover the important key difference between "Enough is enough!" and "Enough!," the difference between blaming/shaming and claiming; and the difference between "hand up," "hand out" and "hand-in-hand" service. We end the course by creating personal motto statements to claim our enoughness and to claim our role as powerful co-creators of the world we truly want, a world in which there is enough for ourselves, others, future generations and the planet.

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