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The Enough Playfield

What: Free circle conversations on Zoom. Once a month, we will be gathering on Zoom in small groups to consider 1-2 questions from our upcoming Enough Card Deck. Questions spark a deeper awareness of and appreciation for our Enoughness. As we share and listen to the life stories of others, we gather evidence of how Enough shows up in every aspect of life to urge us to be who we truly are.  

Who: The circles are open to women and men of all ages who are interested in deep, authentic conversations. No prior familiarity with the Enough Message is necessary.  We use circle principles which create a sacred space for authentic conversations to thrive and for everyone to share from the heart. The circles are hosted by the Enoughers, seven wisewomen from across the Americas who have been meeting every week on Zoom for almost six years to deepen their awareness and understanding of humanity's inherent rootedness in Enough.

When:  The 3rd Wednesday of each month from February 16, 2022 to June 15, 2022 from 2 PM EST/noon PST for one hour. You can drop in for one or up to all five.  

Questions and RSVP:  We Are Enough Facebook Event

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