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Enough! Guidebook synopsis:

The definitive, hands-on guide to recovering the deepest truth about reality and yourself: You are enough and have enough!

Seven women's circle experts and one welless expert have contributed

100+ hands-on activities that can be used by individuals and groups to activate powerful breakthroughs in










and more.

Based on the groundbreaking book, Enough! How to Liberate Yourself and Transform the World with Just One Word, the guide takes you on a deep dive into your life-long (and humanity's millennia-long) upside-down relationship with the word "enough," a group delusion that is the root of all dysfunction, from personal to societal.

Recommended for therapists, youth group leaders, book groups, activist and faith-based groups who want to make a better, more empowering, peaceful and abundant world for all, the guidebook is organized so it can be used as a study guide to the original book or to be used on its own, highlighting and deepening key themes of the Enough Work.

More than a self-help tool, the Enough Work is unique in scope in that it shows the direct link between personal and planetary (me to we), and inner and outer (spiritual and practical). By confronting the untruths we have ingested about not being enough and not having enough that have trapped us in fear and insecurity, we awaken not only our own hidden power, potential and purpose, but we catalyze humanity’s global evolution. Together we rise! 

Paperback, 198 pages


Published by Enough Message Books, September, 2017

ISBN-13: 978-0692935989

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