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GTW Telecircle Session 1 Materials

To Prepare for Session 1:

Please read: Kosmos Journal Article

Imagine you are host of a radio show and are preparing to interview the person who wrote this article. What questions would you ask her that would help you and your audience to understand what Enough means? What comments or reflections would you want to share with your radio audience? (You will be co-interviewing Laurie during our first session and will share your comments in circle after, which will be taped and shared.)

Optional Post-Activities for Deepening Session 1:

Journaling Questions:

Create three columns on a piece of paper or if you prefer as a computer document. Down the left (1st) column, make a list of what you consider to be the worst problems in the world today, such as war and climate disruption. (5 - 10 problems)

Next, in the 2nd column, for each, fill in the blank "This problem was created as a response to a belief that there is/are not enough _______________."

Next, in the 3rd column, fill in the blank, "If instead we believed there was/were enough of (2nd column), what would be different? (In other words, what new/different behaviors would be supported/encouraged/rewarded?)

Take a few moments to feel inside you the different emotional orientations of the 2nd and 3rd columns. Jot down what emotions come up to describe what it feels like to live in the two different worlds you've described in the 2nd and 3rd columns.

Do the emotions you've jotted down to describe the 2nd column match how you think citizens in a free democracy should feel?

Do the emotions you've jotted down to describe the 2nd column correspond to the world you want to live in, invest in, raise children in, grow old in?

What does your own heart and spirit know about the world you do want, the way the world should be?    

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