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Results for Quiz #1: Are you an Enougher?

What your score means:

If you said "yes" to most or all of the questions: You have the motivation and interest to become an enougher. An enougher is someone who is keenly aware of the pain and suffering caused by internalizing the message of "I am not enough" and wants to do something about it. This pain and suffering takes on many forms - shame, guilt, depression, sadness, unhappiness, addiction, workaholism, perfectionism. It also means that when we do accomplish or obtain something to be proud of, the feeling of inner reward fades very quickly, and we are soon hungry for the next accomplishment or possession to make us feel good again.

If this sounds familiar, you are in good company. In fact, this is the overarching state for most of humanity today because we are living in a collective "Never Enough" belief system. It is so not because it is "just the way the world is" or because humans are flawed and lack the proper skills or intentions to create a better world, but that our paradigm is sick and it is broken.

It is our true nature to live in alignment with nature's enduring Enough story. Nature has demonstrated a successful, self-perpetuating Enough Story for billions of years in which every species has enough and contributes to others having their enough. Could humanity be the last species on earth to realize that we are actually living in an Enough universe? It doesn't matter how awake you are right now, just that you are awakening. You will find much support for your awakening here.

What's your story and what inspires and nourishes you on your journey to awakening?

If you said "no" to all the questions: You have figured out that people are not the problem, the paradigm is, and so you have distanced yourself from the disempowering "Never Enough" messages that flood our culture every day. You have found your way out of the "never enough " illusion and have been living a more liberated, meaningful, contented life, likely without the need for a lot of extra material "stuff" around you to prove your worth. You've found your way to deeply connecting with your natural roots as a universal human and with others, essence to essence. You appreciate your unique gifts and inner sense of purpose and are driven by a strong desire to be of use to serve the greater good, and that feels deeply satisfying. Your inner and outer realities are in harmony. You've experienced the joy, fun, peace and security of a community which cooperates and co-creates together. You are optimistic about the future, and are willing to take a chance on creating the world you really want to see. You are a pioneer of the New Story. Humanity is hungry for your tales "from the new world."

We welcome you to tell your tales and share leaps and challenges from your journey here.     

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