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Results for Quiz #2: Are You an Enougher "Solutionary"?

What your score means:

If you said "yes" to at least 2 of the questions, you have the drive and interest to be an enougher solutionary.

The term "solutionary" was coined by the Institute for Humane Education, and indicates a person who is empowered by education and information to co-create solutions to serve the greater good. Driven by principles of "least harm, most good," a solutionary is focused on creating a desirable future for everyone.

An Enougher Solutionary is one who in addition has learned to override the many internal "never enough" messages that keep her from taking action. We tend to feel we are not talented, powerful or influential enough and don't have enough time or money to make a dent in an issue we care about. From nature's perspective, nothing could be further from the truth. Quantum physics and natural phenomena like murmuration and "the hundredth monkey effect" show us that what one of us believes, thinks or does affects everything and everyone else.

The critical first step is obtaining coherence, or coming into alignment with our inner sense of peaceful knowing about what is "right and good" for ourselves and the planet. When we share our coherence, we change the world. Heartmath, a research institute studying the effects of the heart's electromagnetic field, has proven the power of coherence and how this is exponentialized when a group focuses on a common result. (This is the result of simply believing. This is before anyone even takes action on their beliefs.)

If you said "no" to any of the questions because you are already engaged in the community as a solutionary (not just wishing you will one day), we want to help you spread the word about your projects and solutions! There are lots of ways to gain additional support, resources and awareness for your project right here on our site:   

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