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Are you an Enougher?

Take the quiz:

1. Do "I'm not enough" messages keep you from feeling confident and worthy?

2. Are you often told that you are "too sensitive" or "have a thin skin"?

3. Do you often feel dissatisfied and wish you could feel content about your achievements and what you have?

4. When you hear about good things happening to peers, are you happy for them, but inside also feel a painful twinge of jealousy and competitiveness?

5. Do you often feel frightened, depressed, hopeless or stressed about things you cannot control, such as the economy, politics or the environment?

6. Do you wish you had more courage to start living your dream and to create more meaning and passion in your life?

7. Do you have a difficult time setting healthy boundaries and saying no, resulting in your own needs going unmet?   

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